On My Nightstand

Every night before I go to sleep, I spend about an hour of light reading.  It’s helps me relax after a hectic and long day. In this post I will share with you what’s on my nightstand.  My reading list for this month is of course about running and food. I love reading about how to improve my running (hey, I need lots of help), and discovering new, healthy, and delicious recipes.

Two weeks ago my husband came home from a business trip and as usual he brought me back several run magazines and a cookbook.  He knows that I’m training for the Condura Marathon and it’s his way of showing love and support.


Running Fitness and Women’s Running, November 2014.  I like these magazines because they are full of wonderful articles.  It was impossible not to be inspired after reading Jo Pavey’s story. It is hugely inspirational and made me want to go out and run.

Project 26.2 The Complete Marathon Training Guide, is packed with expert advise, training plans, nutrition information, and race day tips. It is very informative and with lots of pictures! I like that they included several case studies of real runners, some of them I can identify with.

How to be a Better Cook by Lorraine Pascale includes 100 quick and easy recipes. I always watch Lorraine’s TV show on Lifestyle Network because I like the way she makes cooking and baking so simple and I like to listen to her British accent, of course 🙂 .  I already have her other books and this one is her latest.  Last week, I tried her Chinese Char Siu-Style Pork recipe and it was delicious.

I bought these next two books locally from National Bookstore.


Gabay sa Pag-unawa ng Noli Me Tangehere ni Dr. Jose Rizal.  Ok, You might ask whey am I reading this?  My son is taking up Noli in school and I’m trying to help him understand the book, that’s why. Honestly, at first I thought, “Oh, this will really make me sleepy.”  But to my surprise, it was quite interesting and easy to understand.  It includes the summary of each chapter, a short explanation, and insights.

It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow.  ” I decided that we needed to create this book, not only for my family, but also for anyone out there who struggles with finding truly delicious food to feed their family when health issues need to be addressed.” After reading that, I bought the book right away. It was priced at PhP1,169 but on that day it was 50% off.  Hurray!  I really love the photos and how they styled the whole book. I would read it with my notepad and pen beside me, then I’d jot down the ingredients of the recipes I like for my next shopping day.  As I’ve learned before, eating clean doesn’t have to be difficult, you just have to plan your meals.

I already tried The Best Green Juice recipe from this book.  The ingredients are kale, lemon, apple, ginger, and mint.  I couldn’t find kale so I substituted it with spinach.  Good enough.

green juice

So those are the reading materials on my nightstand. How about you? Let me know what you are reading.


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