3 Things I Do in this Training Cycle


I had a wonderful 16 Km-run during last Sunday’s New Balance Power Run.  Jehan and I arrived 30 minutes before gun start (thanks Darius for driving us!) and already the energy of the atmosphere was high.  We were very excited because it was our first race after our marathon last February.

The marathon training program required us to run for 16 kilometers that weekend that we decided to run at LSD pace. But when we reached the Kalayaan flyover, I ran faster than our pre-determined pace and felt like I was flying. It was my favorite part of the course and it was seriously fun!

After the Kalayaan flyover I shifted back to LSD mode. Overall, it was a nice run, the weather was great and the aid stations were overflowing with ice cold water, gatorade, and bananas.

New Balance

New Balance



In his training cycle, I also incorporate some cross-training into my routine. I lift weights and bike. I also vary the intensity of the workouts and keep my body guessing. Last Tuesday I used the gym’s bike and up to now my thighs still feel sore! I think my quads were shocked. Haha. Sometimes after I run and if time permits, I do some balance and core exercises.  My abs are very weak and I have flat-as-a-pancake butt.  Haha.  Maybe if I put in more time and effort for my derrière they will look like Kim Kardashian’s.

(c) Jean-Paul Goude Paper Magazine

(c) Jean-Paul Goude Paper Magazine


One of the biggest mistakes I made when I trained for my first two marathons was not properly fueling my runs and recovery. I’d finish a long run and then eat a bag of Cheetos after. This time around I make healthy choices and eat nutritious food.

This morning I had a banana-hazelnut-calamansi smoothie. It was delicious.


I cannot say I have it all figured out but I can say that I’m doing better than my last training cycle. My outlook is more positive and I’m happier.

I still want to lose 10 lbs. and I hope it will happen before marathon day.


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