Rest and Recover

My body recovers quickly. Even after a C-section, I walked around the hospital the next day as if nothing happened. But of course I was younger then.  Still, after running my first marathon at the age of 45, I bounced back quickly, too. I rarely experience the DOMS.

This week I did not run for four days.  Yep, four days, and I’m supposed to be training for a marathon!  My body was so sore after a brick session last Saturday which included a spin class and a run on the treadmill. I felt beaten up, my butt hurt like crazy, walked like a zombie, and my blood pressure shot up to 160/100.  Why?  Why did my body respond that way?  Because of age?  Well, I’m not that old, really!  Because I over exerted?  Maybe.

Ok, rewind.  Last week, I chatted with my good friend, JN. I met JN during the first Bull Circle in Fully Booked way back in 2012.  He approached me and asked, “Are you Sandi? I read your blog.” He was the first (and the only one!) to recognize me because of my blog.  Haha! Anyway, he invited me and Jehan to try out spinning.  He said it will be good for the quads. Then right away switch to run on the treadmill which will be good for the hamstrings.  It sounded like fun so we went.

The spin class was brutal.  We were sweating buckets and my quads burned especially the part when we were instructed to tighten the gears and stand like we were biking uphills. Oh wow, ouch!!!  Brutal. I never knew it could be that hard because when I see cyclists on the road, they look effortless. Now I have more respect for them.

spin class

At the end of the class, Jehan and I were so happy. We survived 60 minutes of spinning! Thank you endorphins and thank you JN!  Spinning was hard but if was definitely fun.  We enjoyed it.  After that, I hopped on the treadmill and ran.  Surprisingly, my legs were not tired at all.

treadmill run

After a few minutes, Jehan called me to join a step aerobics class. Step aero? The last time I joined one was 18 years ago! There were only a few of us in the class and after 20 minutes, Jehan and I said goodbye to the instructor. Sorry but it bored us. Well, truth is, we couldn’t follow the steps. Haha!

I was still sore when I woke up on Monday.  I skipped running that day.  On Wednesday, I went to Jehan’s house so I could run with her. I was already wearing my rubber shoes but before heading out she took my blood pressure reading and it was 140/90.  She told me to go home and sleep. I didn’t feel guilty at all because I know that recovery is also part of training and it gets far less attention than it deserves.  Recovery is about rebuilding the body from the training we do and it includes nutrition and sleep.

Yesterday, my blood pressure was at 110/70.  Yay! It was time to run again.


I ran for 8 kilometers and felt great after.

I’m back. I’m definitely back.


2 thoughts on “Rest and Recover

  1. I like what you said “Recovery is about rebuilding the body from the training we do and it includes nutrition and sleep”. Keep getting stronger! Let’s run!

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