Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Me, I had a great one.  On Saturday, Jehan and I started running at 4:15 am in BGC.  Even though it was still very early, there were already a lot of runners around.

At 5:30, we joined a group training for The Bull Runner Dream Marathon in 2015. It was fun to see some old friends we made in TBRDM last year. We shared running tips, corny jokes, and everything in between. Running with them made the LSD less tiring and I didn’t notice the distance as well as the time spent on our feet.

JN paced us using the 30:15 interval, that means 30 seconds run and 15 seconds walk. By the time we ended, we were not spent at all and felt like we could go on for another hour. We finished before seven o’clock. Whew!  That’s more than two hours!

bull session LSD

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