Spin for Speed

While organizing my bookshelf this afternoon I came across an old issue of The Bull Runner Magazine. It was the speed issue (December 2012) and in it Coach Ige Lopez enumerated his top ten tips to run faster. Number seven jumped off the page for me. It said,

Go for a spin. Spinning or bicycling has been proven to help you run faster. It helps you quicken your turnover, lessens the chances of having overused injuries, and develops other muscles that you don’t usually develop while running.

I enjoyed the spin class I attended almost two weeks ago but I was wasted for four days after that. My muscles hurt. But after reading Coach Ige’s tip, I realized that perhaps those were the muscles that don’t get recruited while running and if I can strengthen them some more, my snail speed will improve.  Excellent!

If I can’t attend that class again, I thought why not do it here in the comfort of my own home? So I pulled my dear old stationary bike, dusted it, and positioned it in front of the tv. Now I’m glad I didn’t get rid of it even though it was just collecting dust in one corner. The tension adjustment still works but the digital screen doesn’t. That’s ok with me.


I biked for 45 minutes.

Ooh my legs hurt.  You may think I’m weird but I absolutely love that feeling! 🙂


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