Alfonso to Nasugbu LSD

Get up early.  Follow your training plan.  Run.  Rest.  Cross train.  Get enough sleep.  Eat right.  Be faithful.  Be consistent. Sacrifice. Ah the marathon training, where tenacity is a muscle that needs to be worked and requires persistent determination from day one all the way to the finish line on race day.

Week 12, Sunday morning.

It was cold.  The weather was very conducive for sleeping and it was difficult to get up from bed.  But because I  remember exactly how it feels to sit around around wishing I was running, I got up, ate my breakfast and put on my high visibility shirt (a gift from my BFF in Canada, Gladys). I am deeply touched when somebody from across the globe is supportive of my training.  I should not disappoint her, right?

That morning Jehan and I ran on a new route, from Alfonso in Cavite to Nasugbu in Batangas.

alfonso, cavite


nasugbu run


Alfonso to Nasugbu is a nice running route.  It’s mostly downhill and the asphalt road is kinder to the knees. The scenery is also nice.  I enjoyed looking at the mountains and the crisp, cold air was refreshing.

I finished my 20-kilometer LSD and did not feel wasted after.  If there’s one thing I can say, I think I’m getting stronger.  I’m not sure if it’s because the route was mostly downhill and the weather was cool, nevertheless, that LSD was a great confidence booster.  I’m glad I did it.


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