T2N Support

Let me congratulate my brother-in-law J-Cip for finishing the recently concluded Tagaytay to Nasugbu 50-kilometer run. We are so proud of you!

It was my first time to volunteer as part of a support team for an ultra marathon and I was excited.  We woke up at 12:30 am and drove south to Tagaytay.  Brr!  It was cold.

J-Cip explained his hydration and nutrition plan to us but we barely listened because we were sleepy! He must have thought, “What kind of support team is this?” Haha.


Well, he came prepared. The hydration and nutrition plan was typed on a bond paper so we just followed everything written there. Drinks, food, and emergency kit, check!


By 3:45, the runners, all 63 of them, gathered outside the gate of the Picnic Grove for the last minute instructions from The Bald Runner, the organizer of the run. At exactly 4 o’clock they were off.

“I also want to have a photo with Bold Runner.”


LOL. We never laughed so hard. Why did I say Bold Runner? I never, ever want to have a photo with a bold runner! Haha!

Me with the Bald Runner (and the photo bomber!)


Support team with BR



500 meters to go. “Finish strong, you can do it!” we cheered.

At last, the finish line then a medal and the hug from BR.


Congratulations to the two-time ultra-marathoner! 51 kms @ 51 years old (his GPS said he ran for 51 kilometers).

You absolutely deserve that Kainan sa Dalampasigan halo-halo (which according to him is the best). Woohoo!

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