My December

Ah December, my favorite month of the year. It’s my favorite because of Christmas, my wedding anniversary, and it’s cold. I love cold weather!  And today is the last day of December and the last day of the year!

Here’s a recap of my December weekends.

December 5. Jehan and I ran from Alfonso, Cavite to Nasugbu, Batangas for our 20-km LSD.



Sometimes we had to run on the side of the road because of the fast cars and buses.

December 14. We went to the Batangas Racing Circuit and I drove a mini. How cool is that?


My racing suit was signed by Bill Richards.


December 20. We joined the Bull Session of runners training for TBR-ULAH 2015 in Nuvali. JN paced us and we ran for 3 hours. It was great. Thanks JN!

bull session

That same day, Pinky invited us for Christmas dinner in her garden. Unfortunately it rained so that we were forced to transfer inside the house, which wasn’t a bad thing. We had a wonderful time.

There were only five of us, Pinky, Tita Rhoda, Jehan, Marz, and I. We ate, I mean ATE. Hey, we ran for three hours that morning, we have an excuse. Haha. Oh wow, Pinky knows her food. Everything was delicious.  After dinner we played the Bible version of Taboo. Oh fun, fun, fun! I teamed up with Marz and we lost…by one point! I need to brush up on my vocabulary especially on synonyms and antonyms.

Gorgeous table setting set up the mood.

Gorgeous table centerpiece set up the mood.

Here's Pinky with her strawberry santas.

Here’s Pinky with her cute strawberry Santas. I think I ate 4 of these.



December 27. LSD from Las Pinas to Paranaque and back. Got very hungry when we reached the 17th kilometer so we stopped by this fruit stand along Elizalde Ave. and bought three bananas for 15 Pesos. 🙂

elizalde fruit stand

So there you have it, my December weekends. Now I leave you with “December” from The Seasons, Tchaikovsky’s set of 12 short piano pieces, one written for each month.  Enjoy!


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