Happy 2015 + Birthday Run


Haaapppy 2015 runners!!

I haven’t written in a while because the first two weeks of the year have been manic. I went to see my doctor for my annual check-up and again several tests were done.  Blood works, urinalysis, chest x-ray, ECG, 2D Echo, and sleep test. Well, his verdict was that I’m healthy as a horse, thank God.


Since the marathon is nearing, I have been upping my weekly mileage. This weekend my training reached its peak. Jehan and I signed up for the 32-km Resolution Run in Nuvali.

She said, “We don’t need to bring headlamps, we’re familiar with Nuvali.”

“Didn’t you see the race map? It’s different from TBRDM route.” How different it was was a mystery.  We have not ran that course before.

resolution run

It was still dark and chilly when the race started.  Jehan and I promised to stay with each other. Walang iwanan. She paced us. We ran the well-lit and familiar Nuvali road and then made a u-turn at the last guard house (before Miriam).  When we reached the rotunda, we were directed to turn left.  Ah, the new route. The road was paved but there were no lamp posts.  The only light we had was from the moon which was so bright that early morning.  It was great. Cool air, bright moon, quiet morning, great run.  I was happy.

“Oh what a special day today is,” I thought. It was my 47th birthday.  I started praying and thanked God for all His wonderful blessings.  47, healthy, and running!

Then came the marines.  They were running the 21-km race.  In groups they sped ahead of us.  Every time a group would pass, they’d greet us, “Good morning ma’am.” Yes, it was indeed a good morning. 🙂

At one hydration stop, the marshals directed us to turn right and for a second I panicked.  Even though it was still dark I could see the road ahead and it led to a mountain.  Yikes!

“Don’t worry.  This is good training,” Jehan said sensing my panic.  That was easy for her to say.  She loves running up the hills.

The road was paved until we reached Marcos’ Twin Mansion in Casile.  Wow. I never knew there was such a place and I was saddened to find it in a sorry state.  I hope they fix it and open it to the public.

We were struggling alright but the view was fantastic. The sun was slowly rising and after conquering one steep hill we took some photos thinking it was already the highest point.  Oh we were so wrong!

resolution run

After few kilometers we met some friends from TBRDM already on their way back. “We must be near the u-turn,” I thought.

“Hi Gammy! Is the u-turn near?” “About 3 kilometers.  But it’s very steep.”

“He’s just scaring us,” I told Jehan.

“Hi Sandi!” Ella greeted me.  Oh she was fast and looked as if she was having an easy time.  I waved back.

Then there was Jah.  She was in the zone, concentrating and looking down on the dirt road.

After a few minutes we saw Jet.  “Go girls! Just 400 meters more.”

And then another familiar face – Nora, my classmate under Coach Patrick Joson some years back and now she’s training for TBRDM 2015.  When she saw me, she went to my side of the road and hugged me.  She must have read “Suffering here” on my face.  LOL.  Thanks Nora!

At last. The u-turn slot and an ambulance was waiting, just in case.

resolution run

resolution run

Those two photos were taken here: peak

Now it was time to bring it home. I loved running down the hills. It’s always my favorite part of a course.

We stopped by a fruit stand and we tried to buy two pieces of senorita bananas. “Just two?  I’ll just give them to you for free,” the lady said then she gave us four.  How generous! We shared the other bananas to two other runners.

resolution run

The sun beat down on us but Jehan cheered, “We still have good form.  We’re still strong. No wall.  No wall!”

resolution run

resolution run

twin mansions

Passed by the Twin Mansions again.

There was a little boy on the side of the road who sang, “Padyak sa kanan, padyak sa kaliwa.” And that was exactly what we did until we reached the finish line. Whew!

A lady gave us our medals and we went to the tent to get our finisher’s shirts.  The organizer asked, “Did you like the course?” I couldn’t answer him. Haha!  Jehan volunteered, “It’s her birthday today.” “Well, the extra two kilometers are our gift to you.”  He said the course was actually 34 kilometers. Oh là là!

resolution run

Fantastic race and challenging course. Definitely a happy and memorable birthday run for me. 🙂

resolution run medal

After an afternoon nap, my family went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. My legs were just a little bit heavy but there was no pain nor soreness. Amazing. 🙂



birthday cake

4 thoughts on “Happy 2015 + Birthday Run

  1. Happy birthday! The Lord has sustained us throughout the run, as always 🙂 One of my favorite runs now. Next year ulit!

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