Second to the Last

It’s only 11 days before the Condura Skyway Marathon! Woohoo!

I have mixed emotions whenever I see this sign. I am nervous and at the same time excited about the race.  But one thing is for sure, I want it to be over… soon!


condura skyway marathon medal

CSM medal: I’ve got my eyes on you.

Last Saturday Jehan and I drove south to Sta. Rosa for our second to the last LSD before marathon day.

While running on Nuvali road, I looked up and saw the mountain we ran last week. I kept looking at it because I couldn’t believe we actually ran all the way to the top!


Can you see how steep it is? Shivers.

Anyway, we joined the runners training for TBR-ULAH Dream Marathon who ran in groups and we ran with the group paced by Noni and Gammy. We started at 5:30 in the morning.

with our pacers

with our pacers

At one point, we ran side by side with the group paced by Coach Lit and he was giving pointers on how to tackle the downhill.

  • Use your arms for balance
  • Engage your core.
  • Look down the hill, not at your feet.

After the downhill their group sped away from us.  Oh well.  I wanted to listen to his tips but he was too fast.  Anyway, I enjoyed running with our group.  Gammy shared to us his experiences inside the Manila Memorial Park where he regularly trains.  Aha! Maybe that’s why he runs fast…because he hears all kinds of creepy sounds there.

Never a dull moment. Two hours felt like 30 minutes.

Thanks guys! 🙂


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