Ready, Get Set, Go!

Marathons are tough, that’s a fact.

It’s only three days before the Condura Skyway Marathon and I have transformed into a bundle of nerves. I guess it’s natural and shows how much I care. Lisa Macuja said, “Seriously, it’s when you stop feeling nervous that you should start to worry because that means you are becoming apathetic towards what you are doing.”

“Did I run enough in training?” Ah, I remember those runs at 4 a.m. in Nuvali and BGC.  I remember braving the cold December  morning to run from Alfonso to Nasugbu. I remember that uphill race in Casile, Laguna. I remember the runs with Jehan, my run buddy, around her village. I remember those solo runs in Island Cove and Filinvest.

“Yes, I am ready!” It’s time to put all those fears and doubts away and trust my training.

My last marathon was full of drama only because I wasn’t prepared mentally.  At some point I doubted if I could finish the race and I almost gave up.  I lost in the mental game. Now, I will use that lesson as a stepping stone and prepare my mind to get me through 42.195 kilometers.

This video was shared to me by Joy.  It is about a story by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro when he was about to hit the wall during his 41-mile canoe race in Hawaii. 

Powerful message. So I wrote something on my hand to help me focus through the toughest part of the course.  I know there will be one.

strong. finish.

Going into this marathon, I promised to be kinder to my self. I promised not to be obsessed in a time goal that I will let it ruin everything if I didn’t meet it.  The time on the clock will not define me.

I have trained well and now it’s time to sit back. I will enjoy the day. I will give my all on Sunday and will celebrate at the finish line.

It’s going to be great.  I can’t wait.


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