Small Race Big Fun

A few days after the Condura marathon, my husband brought me to a spa and I was treated to an hour long Swedish massage.  At first it was very painful but after a few minutes it relaxed my muscles. I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. Too bad it had to end so soon.

The next day, I went to see my dermatologist friend for treatment of my sun-damaged skin. She is also a runner and of course we talked about running and the recently concluded Condura marathon.  Then she invited me to sign up for the Miles for Special Smiles 10 km fun run scheduled on the 15th of February. I told her I wasn’t ready and I still haven’t fully recovered from Condura.

“Ano ka ba, parang hindi ka dentista. And it’s for a good cause.

She had a point.  Besides, my batch mate in college, Carie, who is now president of the dental society helped organize the race.  I should support her, right? And I also wanted to see my colleagues in the profession.  I heard that my friends from Saudi Arabia came home recently and they were running the 5 km race.

Carrie welcomes the runners.

Carie welcomes the runners.

At exactly 5 am the 10 km race started. It was a small, community fun run and it was nice to see neighbors and friends. There were no timing chips. The cut-off for 10 km was two and a half hours, two hours for the 5 km race making the atmosphere very relaxed. It was a cold morning and showering a bit which made it even more fun. I liked running in the rain.

It was also my first time to run in Daang Hari. We started from The District Ayala Mall, made a u-turn in front of Phoenix gasoline station and then back to The District.

“One foot in front of the other. No pressure,” I thought.

miles for smiles

I think my legs look macho here. Haha.


miles for smiles

Race finishers.
miles for smiles

miles for smiles

Dentists all are we.

Posing with the mayor, Manny Maliksi.
miles for smiles

I never thought small races could also be fun but surprisingly I enjoyed it. I think I will join again next time.


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