A New Beginning

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

I have a confession to make.  I have been slacking off  my training for the NatGeo half marathon.  Even worse, I have been eating poorly! I gained back most of the weight I lost few months ago. Boo!

I am aware that rough patches happen in training that is why I need to refocus. When I visited my parents last week, I was glad that my siblings were also there. My Kuya J-Cip, who trains under Coach Jomac, taught us ladder drills and balance exercises.


ladder drills

ladder drills

ladder drills

ladder drills


That workout was motivating. It felt great and got my blood running again. That is why I have resolved to give it another go. I will workout and eat real food  because I realized that nobody will do it for me.  I will have to look out for my own health.

I decided to begin today, Resurrection Sunday.  It’s a perfect day to start over, to make a new beginning.

To help me stay engaged on not only on the goal but also the progress, I will journal my food and my workout here in my blog. I’m thinking that if I have to post my food, I will have to eat real and whole food.  I may have slip ups along the way but it’s ok, right?  If you have any suggestions, do please comment on how I can improve my diet.

This morning for breakfast I made button mushroom omelette.

button mushroom

Sauté mushroom in butter until tender. Set aside.

Scramble two eggs

Scramble two eggs

Place mushroom on top.

Place mushroom on top.

Fold egg and flip onto plate. Season with salt and pepper and top with chives.

Fold egg and flip onto plate. Season with salt and pepper and top with chives.

Hmmm, toasty! Just the way I like my omelette.

For lunch, I had pork adobo without white rice and it wasn’t too bad.

Pork adobo and Peppa Pig.

Pork adobo and Peppa Pig family.

Then this afternoon while watching House of DVF, I used my elliptical machine for an hour. Whew! I was sweating buckets.


Dinner was a bowl of pork sinigang.




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