One, Two, Three, Exhale

Hello friends!  I hope you had a wonderful day in spite of the scorching summer heat.  As for me, I had a very busy day but I am glad that I was able to find time to cook real food and to run.  Yay!

For breakfast I made frico cheese with egg.  I should have used a hard cheese like parmesan but I didn’t have any so I used quickmelt here.  It didn’t have that lace effect but it was still yummy.  I really love cheese. Hmmm!

frico cheese with egg

Lunch was a bit late today because I had to go to market, National Bookstore, LBC, and Photoline.  When I got home, it was already 3 pm.  The fried chicken and the banana and cucumber salad tasted so good!  Perhaps because I was already very hungry.

fried chicken

Before dinner, I went out for a run.  My goal was to practice breathing.  Joy, who also trains under Coach Jomac, taught me her breathing technique.  One, two, three, exhale. One, two, three, exhale.  I counted for six kilometers.  There were times when my mind would wander but then I would miss a count so I was forced to concentrate. The counting helped me stay focused, which was good, I guess.


Dinner was a quick and easy grilled pork strips with lettuce and tomato salad.

Fresh buco juice to finish off a lovely meal.  Yummy!
buco juice


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