One, Two, Three, Exhale

Hello friends!  I hope you had a wonderful day in spite of the scorching summer heat.  As for me, I had a very busy day but I am glad that I was able to find time to cook real food and to run.  Yay!

For breakfast I made frico cheese with egg.  I should have used a hard cheese like parmesan but I didn’t have any so I used quickmelt here.  It didn’t have that lace effect but it was still yummy.  I really love cheese. Hmmm!

frico cheese with egg

Lunch was a bit late today because I had to go to market, National Bookstore, LBC, and Photoline.  When I got home, it was already 3 pm.  The fried chicken and the banana and cucumber salad tasted so good!  Perhaps because I was already very hungry.

fried chicken

Before dinner, I went out for a run.  My goal was to practice breathing.  Joy, who also trains under Coach Jomac, taught me her breathing technique.  One, two, three, exhale. One, two, three, exhale.  I counted for six kilometers.  There were times when my mind would wander but then I would miss a count so I was forced to concentrate. The counting helped me stay focused, which was good, I guess.


Dinner was a quick and easy grilled pork strips with lettuce and tomato salad.

Fresh buco juice to finish off a lovely meal.  Yummy!
buco juice

A New Beginning

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

I have a confession to make.  I have been slacking off  my training for the NatGeo half marathon.  Even worse, I have been eating poorly! I gained back most of the weight I lost few months ago. Boo!

I am aware that rough patches happen in training that is why I need to refocus. When I visited my parents last week, I was glad that my siblings were also there. My Kuya J-Cip, who trains under Coach Jomac, taught us ladder drills and balance exercises.


ladder drills

ladder drills

ladder drills

ladder drills


That workout was motivating. It felt great and got my blood running again. That is why I have resolved to give it another go. I will workout and eat real food  because I realized that nobody will do it for me.  I will have to look out for my own health.

I decided to begin today, Resurrection Sunday.  It’s a perfect day to start over, to make a new beginning.

To help me stay engaged on not only on the goal but also the progress, I will journal my food and my workout here in my blog. I’m thinking that if I have to post my food, I will have to eat real and whole food.  I may have slip ups along the way but it’s ok, right?  If you have any suggestions, do please comment on how I can improve my diet.

This morning for breakfast I made button mushroom omelette.

button mushroom

Sauté mushroom in butter until tender. Set aside.

Scramble two eggs

Scramble two eggs

Place mushroom on top.

Place mushroom on top.

Fold egg and flip onto plate. Season with salt and pepper and top with chives.

Fold egg and flip onto plate. Season with salt and pepper and top with chives.

Hmmm, toasty! Just the way I like my omelette.

For lunch, I had pork adobo without white rice and it wasn’t too bad.

Pork adobo and Peppa Pig.

Pork adobo and Peppa Pig family.

Then this afternoon while watching House of DVF, I used my elliptical machine for an hour. Whew! I was sweating buckets.


Dinner was a bowl of pork sinigang.



I Ran with Dick Beardsley

I heard about him, read about him… duel in the sun

watched his 1982 Boston Marathon race on YouTube, and then one fine morning in February 2015 I actually ran with him. Yes, me! I ran with Dick Beardsley, a 2:08:53 marathoner. How often do you get to do that? with Dick Beardsley

He even signed my shirt! Woohoo! dick bearsley

Dick Beardsley, a farm boy from Minnesota, was neck-and-neck against the world record holder Alberto Salazar,  during the 1982 Boston Marathon, a race now known in running history as the “Duel in the Sun”.  Both broke the American and Boston Marathon records that day, with Dick clocking in his personal record of 2:08:53, just TWO SECONDS behind Alberto.

Watch this 9-minute video of the race:

That was exciting, wasn’t it? Ok, now, would you like to hear the story behind it from the man himself? Please don’t fail to watch the video below recorded by my good friend Louie Cruz. This was taken after the run session with Dick in Alabang. It’s powerful and inspiring.

I am happy that Coach Jim Lafferty invited Dick Beardsley to the Philippines.  And I am thrilled that Dick agreed to an initial 11-week contract with the Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association (PATAFA) through the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC). He is now helping our athletes prepare for the upcoming SEA Games in Singapore.

What a great and humble man.

Thank you Dick for sharing your wealth of experience as a distance runner to us. I am inspired.

No Place Like Home

It’s March! And it’s almost the end of another school year and I’m thinking of where to go this summer break.  This morning I remembered an essay written by my son last year and I got for his permission to share it with you. So here it is, an article about travel from the mind of a sixteen-year old boy.


August 2014

Mark Twain said that travel is fatal. It is “fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” For a sixteen year-old living near ricefields and in the distant, the sea, the privilege to travel is life changing. The most recent is our family trip to Western Europe.

What made this trip unique compared to the other places that we have traveled so far was going on a road trip and collecting a lifetime worth of memories in just 45 days.

Clowning around with my brother. Lausanne, Switzerland

Clowning around with my brother. Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

To experience diverse cultures, marvel at the uniqueness of each city and interact with people of different nationalities – from the castles of England, to the city lights of Paris, to the magnificent architecture of Rome, to the liberal culture of Amsterdam, to the Alps of Switzerland – Europe is one big school.

The Lourve Museum, Paris, France

The Lourve Museum, Paris, France

My first memory was getting lost. My family joined a walking tour around London. While taking pictures, I didn’t realize that everyone stopped for the sights as I kept on walking until I could not find a single familiar face in the crowd. I approached the first policeman I saw and told him that I got lost. According to him, I was the first teenage boy to get lost and ask for his help. We eventually found my dad who, bless him, was wearing a yellow neon jacket in a sea of black peacoat-wearing people, standing on a busy intersection looking for me.


What is important is not being afraid of getting lost but knowing how to find my way back (note to parents: buying a SIM card first thing would definitely help!).

Another memorable part of the trip was going to Portsmouth, a major port in England that reminds me of our own Subic, with my friend, Mac, a mechanical engineer at Jaguar, and his best friend, Elmer, a freelance photographer. Mac’s company was kind enough to lend us an F-Type while in England.

Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Looking down from Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, Hampshire

The day started with the three of us having an English breakfast, followed by a photo walk with Elmer. I took it as an opportunity to ask him how to program my DSLR for more creative shots. After the photo walk, we took Mac’s F-Type for a fun run, and what made it really enjoyable was us filming the car being pushed to its limits and really enjoying the gravitational force that it was capable of using Elmer’s Go Pro. We capped our day heading back to London to celebrate binging on McDonalds at Trafalgar Square. It was especially enjoyable considering that most of the food on the menu, like the Big Mac, was about twice the size of what is served in the Philippines.

This seemingly ordinary day spent well taught me how to appreciate and value time.

I consider traveling as one of the most defining moments in my life simply because it broadened my perspective and exposed me to the beauty that surrounds us. I have learned to appreciate the magnificence of ordinary things.

Coming home every time only strengthened my love for my country. I have seen the Alps but I have also walked the terrace fields of the Cordilleras. I swam on the waters of Saint Tropez but was left in awe of Coron.

Banaue, 2011

Banaue, 2011

Lin Yutang could not have said it better: “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”

My greatest lesson: there is no place like home.

Coron, Palawan 2011

Coron, Palawan 2011

TBRDM 2015 Done!

The marathon is so much more than a race. So much more than 42.2 kilometers or 26.2 miles. It’s a triumph of the human spirit. A life changing endeavor. A molder of champions.
– Coach Jim Lafferty             

Congratulations to Joy and Pinky for finishing The Bull Runner Dream Marathon last Sunday! I am so proud of you.

tbrdm 2015

Before gun start.

tbrdm 2015

Few minutes before 2am. I was glad that I wasn’t running. 🙂

Go, go, go!

tbrdm 2015

tbrdm 2015

tbrdm 2015

Pinky cuts the tape!

Joy crosses the finish line

Joy crosses the finish line

tbrdm 2015

happy marathoners

tbrdm 2015

tbrdm 2015

tbrdm 2015

tbrdm 2015

Congratulations! All your hard work paid off and you inspire me. How can this not make me want to lace on my shoes and run? 

Small Race Big Fun

A few days after the Condura marathon, my husband brought me to a spa and I was treated to an hour long Swedish massage.  At first it was very painful but after a few minutes it relaxed my muscles. I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. Too bad it had to end so soon.

The next day, I went to see my dermatologist friend for treatment of my sun-damaged skin. She is also a runner and of course we talked about running and the recently concluded Condura marathon.  Then she invited me to sign up for the Miles for Special Smiles 10 km fun run scheduled on the 15th of February. I told her I wasn’t ready and I still haven’t fully recovered from Condura.

“Ano ka ba, parang hindi ka dentista. And it’s for a good cause.

She had a point.  Besides, my batch mate in college, Carie, who is now president of the dental society helped organize the race.  I should support her, right? And I also wanted to see my colleagues in the profession.  I heard that my friends from Saudi Arabia came home recently and they were running the 5 km race.

Carrie welcomes the runners.

Carie welcomes the runners.

At exactly 5 am the 10 km race started. It was a small, community fun run and it was nice to see neighbors and friends. There were no timing chips. The cut-off for 10 km was two and a half hours, two hours for the 5 km race making the atmosphere very relaxed. It was a cold morning and showering a bit which made it even more fun. I liked running in the rain.

It was also my first time to run in Daang Hari. We started from The District Ayala Mall, made a u-turn in front of Phoenix gasoline station and then back to The District.

“One foot in front of the other. No pressure,” I thought.

miles for smiles

I think my legs look macho here. Haha.

There were several hydration stations where they served cold water and Hany chocolates! Have you heard of a race with Hany? You have to take off the wrapper and make sure to drink a lot of water, otherwise it will be stuck in your throat. LOL


miles for smiles

Race finishers.
miles for smiles

miles for smiles

Dentists all are we.

Posing with the mayor, Manny Maliksi.
miles for smiles

I never thought small races could also be fun but surprisingly I enjoyed it. I think I will join again next time.

My Condura Skyway Marathon Story

The Skyway will forever and always be more than just another highway for me.

Running the Condura Skyway Marathon Run for a Hero 2015 was an unbelievable experience – it’s something I will always remember. I had an incredible time and ran a strong race, never once stopping to believe that I will finish, no matter how difficult things got.

Let’s recap.

CSM runners

Joy, Rex, and I stayed in Jehan’s house because it is near the race venue.  We slept the whole afternoon and by 9 o’clock, everybody started to get ready but for whatever reason, we lost track of the time.  By the time we all got in the car, it was already 11:30 pm, just 30 minutes away from gun start and traffic was a nightmare! The only consolation we had was we were assigned to Wave I.  That means we will start around 12:30 am.

Anyway, we made it to Filinvest, parked, then made a quick stop at the portalets. After that I heard the race host say, “Three minutes left before 12 o’clock.” We hurriedly found our corral and heaved a sigh of relief.  We made it.

csm runners

At 12:30, our wave was released.  Unlike other races where runners cheered at the start line, this race had an emotional start.  The Philippine Navy band was playing and standing on the left side of the road were 44 uniformed men holding 44 photos of the fallen heroes of Mamasapano.  The runners gave them a long salute. It was heartbreaking because it was a long line. It gave us a palpable image of how many actually died.  Some cried, others stopped to look at the photos.

csm 2015

condura marathon


Holding back the tears.

Jehan and I ran together. Our strategy was to break 42.195 kilometers into shorter segments so that we will not be overwhelmed.  Alabang, Sucat, Bicutan, Nichols, Magallanes, Don Bosco, and Buendia.

csm 2015

condura marathon

For me, the toughest part of the course was the Magallanes bridge and we ran through it four times. There were runners sitting on the curb and medics were applying liniment on their legs.

Every now and then Jehan would say something to cheer us up. “We’re strong.” And I’d reply, “Yes. Light and tall.” It was also nice to see JN on the course and he gave us a packet of GU Roctane.

At 26 kilometers, my right foot numbed. Then it became very painful, like it was cut by a scalpel and then somebody squeezed calamansi into the wound. Then both feet hurt like crazy.  I told Jehan to go ahead.  I did not want to ruin her race because I was slowing down.  But she said, “It’s ok.  I’ll stay with you.” Then she gave me her bottle of water with hydrite. I was so grateful to her because I needed her for me to stay positive.  She is 10 years younger than me but she is more mature and emotionally stable and I am embarrassed to admit it.

At 28 kilometers, both of us were quiet, both absorbed in our own thoughts.  I listened to my breath going in and out, to my heart beating, and to my shoes pounding the asphalt. I glanced at Jehan and was surprised to see tears freely flowing from her eyes.

“Are you crying?”

She nodded.


“I’m tired.”

“Do you need tissue?”

She shook her head and wiped the tears with her shirt. We slowed down but we never stopped.

I remembered the fallen heroes. I thought, “These men gave their lives for the country.  Who am I to complain because of my aching feet?”  I also recalled what Pastor Wayne Cordeiro said, “This is the moment you’ve been training for, the time when you’re ready to quit.”  I started reciting out loud the words that I wrote down on my hand:  “Strong. Finish. Strong. Finish.” 

It took a lot of effort to let my mind focus back on the race.

“Let’s bring it home,” I told her.

We started overtaking some runners.  In my mind I imagined I was PacMan.  Every runner I passed was a power pellet that gave me a boost.

Sucat. Just one more exit and then the finish line.  “Konting tiis na lang.  I think we’re going to PR!” We high-fived each other.

condura marathon

We exited the Skyway and made two more turns. Go, go, go!

We sprinted towards the finish line and after we felt the timing mat under our feet, we hugged.  And then the tears, happy tears fell automatically.  Oh wow, we did it. Five minutes shaved off my PR and an incredible 15 minutes off for Jehan. We were ecstatic. Yay!

That morning, we ran 42.195 kilometers for our heroes and we conquered the Skyway.

Appropriately, an army soldier gave us our medals. Thank you Sir for your service.
csm 2015

Sweet victory.

csm 2015

We met Rex who finished earlier, and Joy who ran the 21 km race at the Condura Village. Everybody had a great race, thank God.
csm 2015

csm 2015

csm 2015

csm 2015

After three marathons, I can actually say that I love the marathon distance. It’s the perfect distance to test both the body and the mind. It’s tough but I learn so much not only during the race but in the training leading to it. One of the most important things I learned is that long distance running is a mental game. Negativity has no place in this sport. I went into this race with a positive outlook and won in the end.

I thank God for giving me the strength to finish. It was an incredible journey which started months ago. But back then I have decided that this will be my third and last marathon. I told my siblings I will retire after Condura.

While Joy and I were resting in Jehan’s house I read a copy of Multisport magazine. I came across a CW-X ad and I said, “If we push through with our trip to Bangkok, I will buy this. It’s cheaper there.”

Joy didn’t answer.

“Oh wait, that’s right I’m already retired!” I totally forgot. LOL.

So, when’s the next race?