Zumba Time

I went to see my mom yesterday and when she said she had a Zumba class, I decided to join her.  Say what? Me doing the Zumba?  The truth is, I have two left feet, unlike my sister Joy who was a member of the Junior Bayanihan Dance Troupe during our elementary days.  After class she would go to her dance rehearsals while I played softball or volleyball with my friends.

Anyway, back to my story.  My Zumba classmates were mostly senior citizens.  But don’t underestimate them. Their energy was high.  They  occupied the first three rows of the dance floor and the last two rows were for the younger ones.

The class started with a warm up.  “This is easy,” I told myself.  But when we got to the main workout, I got lost.  Sometimes I couldn’t follow the dance steps. I didn’t know how to shake my booties nor rotate my hips!  My body was just too stiff.  Think about a robot trying to be graceful. Haha!


Instead of worrying about my lack of gracefulness, I just decided to enjoy the class. Where else can I try something totally new, be awful at it, and still nobody would care? Once in a while it is good to get out of our comfort zones.

zumba 2

My legs actually felt sore during the class. You see, there were a lot of sideway movements. In distance running, we were told to limit moving sidewards to save precious energy. The goal was to move forward. When I trained for the marathon, there were occasions that I’d run sideways but only in drills. Yesterday’s Zumba really gave my body a beating. It was intense. My shirt was soaking wet after.

So Ma, thanks for inviting me.  I hope to join one of your classes again.

With Tita Cor and Ma.

With Tita Cor and Ma.


I’m Back

I’ve been away from the blog for quite a bit but now I’m back and I’ve stories to tell.

One very early morning last March while my husband was in Davao for a business trip, I had another vomiting episode.  (Something bad always happens to me when he is away!)


The left side of my chest was very painful and the pain radiated to my arm. My sister suspected that I had a stroke so I went to see my doctor and had a battery of tests done:  X-ray, 2D-echo, stress test, and blood tests. My doctor advised me not to exercise or do any strenuous activity until all the test results were back.

As it turned out, I did not have a stroke but my blood pressure was high, my heart was enlarged, and I had irregular heartbeats.  So I was given two kinds of medicines: one for my blood, and the other for my heart.

I was very sad when I left the doctor’s office.  How can I be hypertensive when I was living an active lifestyle?  As a matter of fact, I just finished running a marathon two weeks prior! Was it even possible?

Well, yes. Because I have a positive family history for hypertension and diabetes, I’m predisposed and at my age, the risk is higher.
After a week of medication, I went back to see my doctor and she gave me a list of what I can and cannot eat. 😦 But the good news was I got a go signal to start exercising again.

ven if my blood pressure was still erratic, that week, I went back to the gym.  I only lifted light weights as I was afraid that I’d faint. But this week, I dared to add some more weight to my bench press, squats, and overhead press.


Oh my body was sore the next day. When I trained for the marathon, my body was always sore after a long run. I absolutely loved that feeling. It was like a badge of honor for doing something well, and then I realized, I missed being sore! Am I making any sense?  Haha.


I will continue to lead an active lifestyle because I still can. Like the tagline of this blog, I am still grateful for the gift of health and fitness.

Eventful Bull Session 4

Friday night, I slept at my parent’s house because it was nearer to Nuvali.  I was excited for the 4th Bull Session and I didn’t want to be late.  The LSD time requirement was 2 hours and 40 minutes.

But when I woke up at 3:00 am, I did not feel 100% ok. My brother-in-law was kind enough to drive Jehan and I to Nuvali.  We arrived just in time for the groupings and Jehan chose to run with Coach Lit (4:1) and I decided to go with the 1:1 group.

We slowly headed out to the boulevard.  Then my stomach started cramping, and my breathing was labored. Oh no.  I slowed down.  The 1:1 group was already no where in sight.  Then I met Alice and she started running with me.

alice copy


At around 5km, my vision started to spin and I went straight to the curb and vomited. It was UGLY. It was all over the place and I was a mess. It was asthma attack with monthly period cramps combined.  Good thing I had my inhaler in my Nathan pocket. All the while, Alice stayed by my side.


Poor Alice. I just met her, she gave me a compliment and in return I gave her a scare!

Then Mike, Obbie, and Richard came over to check what happened.  They were very kind and concerned.  Then, out of the darkness, as if on cue, Macel came, riding swiftly on her cool Segway. (Insert: superman music.)


I really did feel better after puking but I didn’t want to argue with Macel. I mean, she’s one of the staff and I didn’t want to cause any trouble for them. Like a good runner, I obeyed the authority.  Anyway, she told me to rest and then I could join the group again on the second loop.

I was picked up by Ronald, Jaymie’s driver, in Jaymie’s car!  I tried to clean myself with water from my Nathan but of course it wasn’t enough. Oh boy.  I’m sorry Jaymie if I soiled your car.

So I went back to Solenad, freshened up, and waited for the dreamers for the second loop.

They never came.

ronaldo copy


The dreamers didn’t run in loops (as originally planned) but reached as far as the uphill towards Miriam.  No more second loop.  That made me sad, until Macel said that she’ll look for Mike and the group and run with them back to Solenad.  Yipee! I went with her.


Yes, I was back and everyone seemed happy to see me.  I ran with them and even got free coaching from Mike!  Alright!

With a little less than two kilometers to go, Ella, from another group, ran by my side.  She said, “We were classmates under Coach Patrick (Joson).” Of course I remember!  I was so surprised to see her there.  And so we chatted, and did a lot of catching up.  We completely forgot about the interval and ran all the way back to Solenad.


Huh? Where’s my group? I lost them. Talk about walang utang na loob. I mean, they stayed with me during my “dark moments”, and then I left them behind.  Sorry guys.

with Richard, Macel, Obbie, and Alice.  Photo taken by Mike.

with Richard, Macel, Obbie, and Alice. Photo taken by Mike.

Thank you my dear group mates. Thanks for all your help. 🙂

3 Thoughts for Tonight

Happy Saturday runners!  Did you run today?

Tonight, I will leave you with three thoughts.  I invite you to ponder upon them.

It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness. – Seneca

Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity. – Michael Jordan

 A runner must run with dreams in his heart. – Emil Zatopek

Happy weekend!

Carrot Cake and Shaun T

This morning I watched Be Careful with my Heart.  It was a nice episode, Sir Chief kissed Maya for the first time.

While I watched, I ate carrot cake from a Tupperware. I was so entertained by the show that I didn’t realize that I had already eaten one and a half slices of cake!  Oh my!  Talk about sugar load.
I felt…
So I went to my room and had a heart to heart with Shaun T.  Yes, it was time for Insanity!
The video started with the warm-up.  “But Shaun T, are you sure that was just a warm-up?” Ok, now I understand why the video was named Insanity.  Argh!
I huffed and puffed. I was about to stop when Shaun T said,
 How did he know? Haha.
After the warm-up came the main work out: Power jumps.
It was insane.  No other word could describe it. It was pure INSANITY.
After 40 minutes Shaun T said,
I hate carrot cakes.

Miss Best in Art

Last night I had this conversation with my son.

Me:     What do you want to be when you grow up?
Gab:    A knife maker.
Me:      But I thought you wanted to be in the military or be a mangka (Japanese for comic artist or cartoonist)?
Gab:    No.  I’m bad at drawing.
Me:     Too bad you didn’t get my talent.

Don’t laugh! I was best in art in kindergarten.  Ok, go ahead you can laugh now.  Haha!
No, really.  In 1973 I was awarded the title best in art in my class.  My teacher even gave me a candy cane for my prize. Ah… good times, good times.
That’s the younger me.

Oh yeah.  Maybe that’s why I draw like I’m still in preschool.  Up to now I’m still basking in my 1973 glory. Haha!

I guess it’s time move on.  I’m now in the look out for art classes for adults in Paranaque, Alabang, or Imus. Would you know of any?

You Know You’re a Runner

I often see “You know you’re a runner” eCards in runners’ forums.  Most of the time they are hilarious and true!

Here are some that I could identify with:
You know you’re a runner…
when you’re envious when you see a runner on the road and you’re driving in a car.
when you see a sign on the highway telling how many kilometers an exit is and you think – I could run that!
when you are like a kid-in-a-candy shop at a running store.
for you, the phrase, “it’s all downhill from here” is actually a good thing.
when you have run through your neighborhood so many times that your neighbors’ dogs no longer bark at you.
when you have more running shirts than work shirts.
when you absolutely have no fear of porta potties.
There are more but I have to sleep now.  And if you have new “you know you’re a runner” thoughts, please share them with me.