My Running Buddies

I never thought running could be so much fun.
Almost every Saturday night, my siblings and I would meet at our parent’s house so we can all go together to the race venue the next morning.  Yes, we are THAT committed to running.  We run diffrent distances. Sam, who has been running for a while, almost always runs the 21-Ks.  My sisters run 10-Ks and 15-Ks.  As for me, I run the shorter distance of 5-K.Afterwards, we have a hearty breakfast and we talk about the race. Then we all go to church, have a light lunch, and then sleep the whole Sunday afternoon.  Ah! What a life!
Here are some of the races we joined:

Run United 2 (BGC)

Earth Run 2011 (BGC)

Run Rizal (Luneta)
My sisters showing off their Rizal@150 medals
Adidas: King of the Road 2011 (BGC)
 Joy with Coach Lit Onrubia

and Jaymie a.k.a. The Bull Runner.

Joy and J-Cip are registered to run The Dream Marathon in 2012 organized by Jaymie.  Wow!  I will just cheer for them. Then hopefully, God willing, I will join the Dream Marathon 2013.  (Allow me to dream!)  🙂

Are you also a runner?  Who runs with you?